Instant chat function software and network telephone number service software

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Profile and Cooperation


1.Instant chat function voice call allows you to talk with your family and friends abroad free of charge * and free of charge when you can't fully express in text and audio. TGTG voice and picture sending use the network connection of mobile phone instead of the operator's planned call minutes, so you don't have to worry about the expensive phone charges. Download the app in detail
2.Telephone number service areas: China, the United States, Hong Kong The Internet phone numbers of 100 countries and cities in the world almost cover all countries in the world! All network phone numbers can be connected to the fixed phone or mobile phone number of enterprises around the world, or to the customer service telephone center, IP phone, soft switch, app, soft phone, etc. it is an enterprise level desktop office phone with diversified network access, convenient deployment and excellent sound quality. It is an entry-level IP phone specially designed for high-end business office environment, which is suitable to be widely deployed in enterprise unified communication applications.

Privacy and security

1. Starting from the creation of TGTG app, our mission is to help you keep in touch with your friends, help users share important news in critical situations, find a better life, etc.
2. Because we know that you will share some of the most private or valuable moments with TGTG app, we have added new encryption technologies to our applications. After end-to-end encryption, your information, photos, calls, voice messages, documents and calls will not fall into the hands of others.
3. It is prohibited to use marketing and network fraud. If found by the company, it will be punished by suspending the account and not returning the balance, and will be sent to the Public Security Bureau. Local laws have nothing to do with the company

Agency Cooperation

1. Now we are looking for agents at all levels. Sincere cooperation, create a win-win situation. Welcome those who are committed to virtual telephone to discuss cooperation.
2. We will feel great honor to cooperate with you to cultivate this promising market. Waiting for your call.

Cooperation Agency conditions

1. The agent applicant is a natural person or an enterprise officially registered with the Administration for Industry and commerce or a business person engaged in virtual telephone.
2. Have good customer resources.
3. Have the ability to formulate and implement market development plans.
4. Have professionalism and good sense of service..
5. The pre deposited agent prepayment can be used for opening an account and recharging at any time, and the details can be checked at any time.